I’m a newbie at all this, but I will share what I’ve learned about paleo eating so far:

  1. Paleo diets are supposed to imitate how our hunter-gatherer ancestors lived. A summarized version would be: meat, fat, lots of vegetables, some fruit, some nuts, no or very limited grains.
  2. There seems to be disagreement about “true paleo” allowing dairy or not. I don’t have an opinion either way. I’m in this for improved health, not philosophical purity. Also, since I can’t eat dairy anyway, it’s a bit of a moot point.
  3. I’m pretty sure that most, if not all, paleo diets exclude corn. I’m currently not eating corn tortillas, but I will still eat whole corn. I cook with frozen mixed vegetables a lot, and I’m not about to drop the corn.
  4. Sweeteners are almost completely out. I’m not a purist. I will continue to use honey mustard dressing. But if I’m not eating grains, then there isn’t much need for sugar, is there? Of course, maybe I should admit that I do use sugar in baked goods made with coconut flour…
  5. Legumes are also “officially” out. I don’t care and I will continue to eat chick peas and black beans.
  6. Upon writing all this, I suppose I really am trying to follow a “paleo-ish” low-carb plan. I think one difference, however, is that the low-carb cookbooks I’ve looked at seem very heavy on dairy and artificial sweeteners, or highly processed ingredients. The paleo recipes are almost guaranteed to already be gluten and dairy-free, which is what I need.

The paleo fitness part, at least according to Mark Sisson:

  1. Move around a lot, whether by walking, cleaning, or several hours of aerobic exercise per week.
  2. Lift weights or do body-weight exercises twice per week.
  3. Once a week or so, bike, run, or do some other aerobic exercise at an all-out sprint a few times.
  4. Running dozens of miles per week is considered “chronic cardio” and rather than improving your health, is considered to wear your body down.

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