I’m a tough grader. I have high standards. Here’s how to understand my rating scale.

Ease of Preparation

5 out of 5: You can get this prepared quickly, even if your two your old is screaming and your older child is having a total meltdown. Little or no babysitting at the stove is required.

4 out of 5: Prep work is fairly low, unless the kids are interrupting every twenty seconds.

3 out of 5: Wait until the kids are happy before trying to make this.

2 out of 5: Wait until the kids are asleep and make sure you aren’t hungry before you start.

1 out of 5: Don’t bother unless this is a special occasion or you are sadistic.


5 out of 5: This is good! It doesn’t even need more salt or garlic!

4 out of 5: This is a really good start, and with some tinkering, could be a five star dish.

3 out of 5: This is edible, but I probably wouldn’t make it again unless I had a really good idea of how to improve the taste.

2 out of 5: If a friend served it, I might manage to get this down with the help of honey mustard dressing or some other crutch. If I made it, I would toss it.

1 out of 5: Feed it to the dog when nobody is looking. Apologize to your family and order pizza, if need be. You have my permission to cheat.


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