Recently, I’ve had two comments to the effect of “I was interested in the paleo diet, but it doesn’t look very tasty, based on your reviews.” First of all, make sure you read my rating scale to understand how I rate the recipes. I’m a tough grader and very few recipes will get a 5 from me. Think of me like that college professor that only gives out one A per semester.

Also, I like spicier versions of food more than most people (this doesn’t necessarily mean “hot” from peppers), so most recipes will be what I consider a little bland, unless I double or triple the amount of spices. I finally measured the amount of chopped garlic that I think is enough for most dishes and it came out to be 1/4 cup. Obviously, this is a lot more than the 1-2 cloves most dishes call for.

If you are test driving a paleo diet, don’t give up because of a few bad recipe ratings. Despite the terrible pancake results, and the so-so cobbler results, I have found several new recipes we all like already. I will continue to make the curried veggie hash and everyone gets very excited about nutty cookies.


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