Today I attempted to make the Almond-Meal Blueberry Pancakes from Everyday Paleo. It was a disaster. The batter was way too thick and wouldn’t spread out in the pan. Then it completely fell apart when I flipped the pancake. I tossed that pancake, thinned down some batter with water, and tried again. It spread out properly, but still fell apart.

In an attempt to rescue the pancakes (after all, the three cups of blueberries aren’t cheap), I dropped the batter dough onto a cookie sheet and made “blueberry cookies.” My older boy, who likes almost everything, said he didn’t really like them. The two year old claimed to eat some, but I haven’t verified that yet don’t believe him. I thought the “cookies” tasted like blueberry muffins that somebody forgot several ingredients for, including all the sugar.

I think I’ll stick with coconut flour pancakes for now.

Ease of Preparation: 1
Taste: 2


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